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Home Inspection Checklist This home inspection checklist if for use by a prospective Buyer of the property during the showing of the home or thereafter at the election of the Buyer. This form is designed to provide the Buyer with basic information about the property and a location to place notes Buyer determines are important. To be completed by Seller Property Address Number of Bedrooms Age of House Reason for Selling No* of Stories Baths Asking Price Wood Frame Near Work Yes No Near Schools...
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This form is used by the Buyer when initially viewing a home to purchase in Hawaii. It provides a comprehensive list of items to check or to ask the Seller prior to making an offer on a home. This is an all-inclusive form and not all items may be applicable to the property being viewed.

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Hello this is Preston saddled with home inspection Carolina today I want to take you through a home inspection that we did in Huntersville I didn't put the cover picture on there because I want to protect the innocent but this is I wanted to show you on a regular home inspection typically what we find so this to be used like as a home inspection checklist we usually start on the external part of the house and make a couple of trips around varying our closeness or distance from the house to observe multiple things first thing you're going to notice right here is a dental molding that has some exposed wood right here so that needs to be primed and painted as if it's exposed to the weather it can be damaged this is a crawl vent a couple things here and all the crawl vents in this house for missing the screens they need screens they're just wore out over time also if you notice the mortar is missing here as well let's crawl vent for a crawlspace again missing screens another thing to is these vents should have a two inch clearance from the ground cover and if that's not possible they need a vent wheel which is like one of those half bucket looking things that allow the crawlspace to vent without water rain water running in got a little bit of soft wood right here where the moisture damage this is the front of the garage the problem you have here is the mulch is right up to the siding and that should have a six-inch clearance because that is conducive for termites and moisture damage to the bottom of the wood and as you can see there's some trim damage here where it's just basically what's happening is the bottom of this was not primed and painted so every time it rained it would the water would leak around and it would just wake up that moisture and it eventually caused it to damaged this is during a home inspection we will take pictures of all the serial numbers and the plates on the air conditioners and stove what we're doing is checking for recalls we do recall check also there's information here of the size and the manufacturer and the date and that sort of um the problem here on the deck is you've got these joist that are not on a ledger board and they do not or do not have hangers or no supports so basically they're just toenail din here here and here so you got all this weight just depending on that toenail which is just like the end piece of that nail holding up a lot of weight so they need hangers some type of support peer or ledger board to give them more support same thing in the middle joist there as well it is flashed as you can see more events you can see that don't have screens this you see there's quite a bit if they have dogs or pets they scratched up the back wall which is exposing this raw wood to the weather also you've got loose weather stripping on the screen sliding screen door and you also have the screen is damaged from the animal scratching on the door just a closer picture the other side as well needs to be primed and...